The Safe Escape w/ Greenbeard, Monte Luna and Psychotic Reaction

The Bird Barn Austin


The Venue ATX


Welcome to the first of many safe events we are putting together to restore a bit of normalcy back into our community. Givin the past week of protests and the opening of our city. We have decided to come up with a few precautions to help restore live music in a healthy manner.
#Step1 is following a sound plan to keep everyone safe.
#Step2 Is make sure we all have fun.
We are asking everyone to buy a #Pre-Sale ticket for contact tracing purposes. We have laid out a few GUIDELINES to follow so as to stay as safe as possible. Please review rules below to get a “Free Commemorative Mask” and hope to see everyone soon.
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12:15pm *

Psychotic Reaction

11:15pm *

Monte Luna

10:00pm *

**Standard Safety Guidelines**
*Every party must buy a pre-sale ticket to enter event for Safe Contact Tracing purposes. (FIRST 175 TICKETS GET A FREE BAG + First 100 TICKETS GET FREE COMMEMORATIVE MASK + First 57 TICKETS GET FREE SANITIZER PROVIDED BY LOCAL MAKER)
*Must enter with mask or We will provide a mask for anyone who does not have a mask at the door upon entry. If they have purchased a pre-sold ticket.
*No walk up Parties; all party spots are for pre-sale or upon open availability.
*Solo Parties are Only permitted to Solo Party Pit, if space is available. Furthermore if house hold party spots are available.
*Solo Entries can become a house hold party if and when No less than 4 No more than 5 join them.
*Everyone must remain with their House Hold Group Spot to consist of; no more than 6 house hold members. Each party will be 6ft apart.
*Every Group Spot is Decided at the door Day of Show, on a First Come First Serve basis.
*There will be No Group Spot To Spot Contact between groups without masks.
*There will be 1 bottle of Sanitizer per house hold party upon entry.
*Masked Bar Staff will take orders per party. No one is to go to the bar.
*6ft from stage is the Solo Party Pit for masked patrons who wish to get a closer view while staying safe. The Solo Party Pit will be marked spaces 6ft apart from each other so as to follow safe distancing practices.
*Security Staff will be enforcing minimum standards and asking anyone to leave who does not follow them.



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